997.1 Turbo / GT2 / 997.2 GT2 RS - Race Headers
997.1 Turbo / GT2 / 997.2 GT2 RS - Race Headers
997.1 Turbo / GT2 / 997.2 GT2 RS - Race Headers
997.1 Turbo / GT2 / 997.2 GT2 RS - Race Headers
997.1 Turbo / GT2 / 997.2 GT2 RS - Race Headers
997.1 Turbo / GT2 / 997.2 GT2 RS - Race Headers

997.1 Turbo / GT2 / 997.2 GT2 RS - Race Headers

Part #: 210 111 997 TT
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Motorsport quality for the ultimate durability and power on the street and track!

stainless steel quality: WNr. 1.4301 (X5CrNi18-10), AISI 304 (V2A)

Developed and tested to survive the grueling environment of endurance racing.

Shorter length headers tend to crack on cylinders 3 and 4 under the higher heat and vibration at the track. Shorter pipe length does not have room to expand like a longer tube header which causes the cracking. Our double push-piece design on cylinders 3 and 4 allows the shorter length header to expand under these conditions and prevents cracking that has always been an issue on cylinders 3 and 4.

FVD Brombacher headers are the only headers on the market which feature this innovative design ensuring years of trouble free operation.

Through countless hours of research and development, FVD has found the ideal performance header combination. FVD headers reduce exhaust backpressure and temperature without sacrificing velocity to ensure optimal turbocharger boost. Our headers feature a 42 mm primary tube that empties into a 50 mm (id) collector. Too large a diameter on the primary will effectively reduce back pressure and exhaust temperature, but consequently lower the exhaust gas velocity and reduce performance. Bigger is not always better. FVD headers provide maximum flow, optimal cooling and maximize your performance. Our latest FVD Brombacher headers also include a motorsport style merge collector that is extend internally for smooth, laminar exhaust flow. Our headers are manufactured from the highest quality T-316 stainless steel which is more corrosion resistant than T-304 and produce dyno proven horsepower and torque!

  • Made of V4A (T316) Stainless (More corrosion resistant than T304).

  • Tubing features a merge collector to channel exhaust gases for maximum torque gain!! Gains 15 lb. ft of torque.

  • FVD's 997 TT Headers Weigh 11lbs.

FVD-Brombacher is TÜV approved.

What is TÜV approval you ask?
All German-registered road vehicles may not be operated on public roads without a certificate from the TÜV. In addition, all modifications made to road going vehicles, must also be approved.

TÜV’s safety guidelines are among the strictest in the world and getting a road permit for thoroughly customized vehicles borders on the impossible.

FVD-Brombacher parts passed these criteria
in order to obtain the TÜV stamp of approval:

  • 1. Corrosion Test - Exterior metal parts (ie exhaust, brakes, rims, etc.) must undergo a HCL (Hydrocloric Acid) bath, which speeds up the corrosion process. This ensures long lasting, highly durable parts which benefit the end consumer.

  • 2. Extreme Temperature Test - Items are put through -40 degree’s Celsius to + 85 degree’s Celsius sudden temperature change. This test ensures that rapid material expansion and contraction does not cause cracking or material inconsistency.

  • 3. Material Analysis - Chemical makeup and microscopic material analysis is done to determine the correct percentages of iron, zinc as well as other elements. This helps to ensure material consistency and longevity.

  • 4. Exhaust Temperature Test - Exhaust items are also put through a series of extremely high temperature tests in order to assure the consumer that the parts will withstand cracking and splitting. Exhaust components are subjected to test temperatures in excess of 1,400 degree’s Celsius! In perspective, normal exhaust gas temperatures usually only reach around 800 degree’s Celsius.

ISO 9001:
ISO (International Standards Organization) promotes and recognizes the highest product quality, manufacturing and service standards in the industry. FVD-Brombacher is an ISO 9001 company. ISO certification ensures our customers that we adhere to strict quality management procedures, ensuring not only high quality products, but high quality service and support as well.

FVD-Brombacher parts exceed industry standards utilizing:

  • Quality Raw Materials High-Tech Design using 3-dimensional auto CAD Innovative Product Features

  • Web mesh design integration in our modular exhaust components and headers that feature equal length tubing and an integrated merge collector

  • High-Tech Manufacturing

  • Parts are laser cut and mandrel bent on a 12 axis CNC machine. Welds are performed on a computer-controlled Mig Mag pulse welder. Exhaust flow is tested on a Super Flow Bench.

  • Engine and Chassis Dyno Testing ensures performance and reliability.

Package Information

Size: 36 x 28 x 32 cm
Product weight incl. Packing: 4.29 kg
FID: 210.111.997.TT


seriesModellWithout TÜV
997.1 TT/GT2 (07-09)Turbo (07-09)
GT2 (08-09)
997.2 TT/GT2 RS (10-13)GT2 RS, 3.6L, 456kW (11-)

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