BBS FI- R Design (11x20 ET50 / 5-hole ) Satin Black (8,5kg)

Part #: 113 FIR 112 050BM
Delivery Time: Expected 3 DaysExpected in 2-3 weeks

$ 2,542.50
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The brand new BBS FI - R rim with 5-HOLE connection .

Exclusiv for Cayman GT4!

Please ask for the actual delivery date!!

Product Information

Weight: 19.18 pounds
FID: 113.FIR.112.050BM


seriesModellShare expertise / strength certificate (single entry only with purchase) Front
Cayman 981 (13-)GT4, 3.8L, 283kW (15-)
GT4 CS, 3.8L, 283kW (15-)