Sport Muffler 718 Cayman / Boxster - Brombacher Edition - Export Version

Part #: BES 982 150 00S
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The open architecture of this muffler allows for a deeper four-cylinder turbo tone, with plenty of whistling on tap. Coming off throttle from higher rpms exudes a chorus of snarling, gurgling and crackling letting everyone know that this car is not your average 982.

+ 15 Hp & + 12 Tq Gain.
- 2 x 3.5"(90 mm) Round Tips.
- Thermal insulation on piping to keep suspension components cool. Withstands up to 2,012 degrees Fahrenheit (1,100 degrees Celsius).
- Lower Deeper Tones than the factory exhaust with far more whistling and gurgling / crackling off throttle.
- T 316 stainless steel for improved durability over T 304.
- No Drone in the cabin.
- “Aero Quip” style motorsport muffler connections to ensure a leak free exhaust.
- Does NOT interfere with emissions and will NOT trigger the check engine light.
- ECU programming (software) is NOT NECESSARY.

Please Note: Gaskets are not included! Please add 2 Qty. 982 251 263

The FVD Brombacher Export Version Muffler is based upon the past success of our “Sound Version” mufflers for the Boxster’s and Cayman’s. It is a German Export Version intended for cars outside of Germany that enjoy less strict decibel requirements. Our entire “Brombacher” line of exhausts is manufactured to our specifications by M&M Exhaust, GmbH in Germany. This muffler has been designed using principles from the M&M turbo line of mufflers and is uniquely made with double perforated sound absorption tubes based on the Halbgegenstromprinzip (half counter current principle). The acoustic silencer absorption tubes are made in a trapezoidal pattern and are perforated with varying diameters, which isolate and dampen the unwanted frequencies that create drone. These perforated tubes present much less flow restriction than traditional baffle plates at higher gas velocities, and consequently translates into larger horsepower and torque gains throughout the entire rev range.

Product Information

Weight: 42.55 pounds
FID: BES.982.150.00S


718 Boxster 982 (17-)2.0L, 220 kW (17-)
CN, 2.0L, 184 kW (17-)
S, 2.5L, 257 kW (17-)
718 Cayman 982C (17-)2.0L, 220 kW (17-)
CN, 2.0L, 184 kW (17-)
S, 2.5L, 257 kW (17-)