Sport Chrono Instrument Face - Racing Yellow - Diamond Pattern

Sport Chrono Instrument Face - Racing Yellow - Diamond Pattern

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Instrument faces are one of the most visible and frequently looked at components in your Porsche. When making the decision to change them you want to ensure that you select a high-quality product like your originals.

Each of our sets are made in Germany and use the factory scripting (font). Our faces also offer the same uniform night time shading and include the original die cut notches for easy installation.

Sold individually. 1 Necessary per car.

Please Note: We recommend professional installation due to the intricacies of the instruments, needles, necessary tools and calibration. We have recommended installers in the U.S., contact us for further details.

Package Information

Size: 3.94 x 3.94 x 0.12 inches
Product weight incl. Packing: 0.02 pounds
FID: F97.641.997.07


991.1 (12-16)C2, 3.4L, 257kW (12-16)
C2S, 3.8L, 294kW (12-16)
C4, 3.4L, 257kW (12-16)
C4S, 3.8L, 294kW (12-16)
GTS 2, 3.8L, 316KW (15-17)
GTS 4, 3.8L, 316KW (15-17)
991.2 (16-)C2, 3.0L, 272kW (16-)
C2S, 3.0L, 309kW (16-)
C4, 3.0L, 272kW (17-)
C4S, 3.0L, 309kW (17-)
GTS 2, 3.0L, 331KW (17-)
GTS 4, 3.0L 331KW (17-)
991.1 TT (14-16)991 Turbo, 3.8L, 383kW (14-)
991 Turbo S, 3.8L, 412kW (14-)
991.1 GT3 (13-17)991 GT3, 3.8L, 350kW (13-)
991 GT3 RS, 4.0L, 368kW (15-)
991.2 TT (16-)991.2 Turbo, 3.8L, 397kW (16-)
991.2 Turbo S, 3.8L, 427kW (16-)
991 GT2 RS, 3,8L, 515KW (17-)
991.2 GT3 (18-) 991-2 GT3 4,0L 368KW (18-)
991-2 GT3 RS 4,0L 383KW (18-)
Boxster 981 (13-)2.7L, 195kW (12-16)
S, 3.4L, 232kW (12-16)
GTS, 3.4L, 250 kW (15-)
Spyder 3.8L, 276 kW (16-16)
718 Boxster 982 (17-)2.0L, 220 kW (17-)
CN, 2.0L, 184 kW (17-)
S, 2.5L, 257 kW (17-)
GTS, 2.5L, 269KW (17-)
Cayman 981 (13-)2.7L, 202kW (13-15)
S, 3.4L, 239kW (13-16)
GTS, 3.4L, 250kW (15-)
GT4, 3.8L, 283kW (15-16)
GT4 CS, 3.8L, 283kW (15-)
718 Cayman 982C (17-)2.0L, 220 kW (17-)
CN, 2.0L, 184 kW (17-)
S, 2.5L, 257 kW (17-)
GTS, 2.5L, 269KW (17-)
Macan (14-)Macan, 2L, 174kW (14-16)
Macan S, 3L, 250kW (14-)
Macan Turbo, 3.6L, 294kW (14-)
Macan S Diesel, 3L, 190kW (14-)
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