Intermediate Shaft (IMS) Repair Kit - M96 - Single Row - Ceramic
Intermediate Shaft (IMS) Repair Kit - M96 - Single Row - Ceramic
Intermediate Shaft (IMS) Repair Kit - M96 - Single Row - Ceramic
Intermediate Shaft (IMS) Repair Kit - M96 - Single Row - Ceramic
Intermediate Shaft (IMS) Repair Kit - M96 - Single Row - Ceramic
Intermediate Shaft (IMS) Repair Kit - M96 - Single Row - Ceramic

Intermediate Shaft (IMS) Repair Kit - M96 - Single Row - Ceramic

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Please note: Without technical experience and proper tools, the removal and installation of the intermediate shaft repair kit will lead to engine damage. Our kit must be installed by an experienced repair facility. We will not supply technical information to individuals and inexperienced workshops.

FVD's IMS Bearing vs. the competition:

There is a lot of information online about IMS bearing failures, why they occur, how to detect them, how to install an aftermarket bearing, etc. So there is no need for us to go into depth on the subject. Our stance is to sell a top of the line bearing produced to higher specifications than what was originally in the car and is currently available on the market.

FVD IMS Bearings are manufactured by SLF in Germany and are highest rated SLF “Super-Precision” class of bearings which are characterized by:

High-speed capability
High load carrying capacity
High stiffness
Low Friction

Our Single Row Ceramic Bearings consist of the highest grade ball material which are 100% ceramic. The ball lubrication is a vital consideration so we chose the highest available heat resistant lubricant which is good to 180 degrees Celsius (356 Fahrenheit). We also chose the most durable housing seal made for its re-lubrication characteristics. These facts allow our bearings to run cooler.

General Model information and Installation tips:

Intermediate Shaft (IMS) bearing solutions which can be installed while the engine is still in the car are as follows:

Single row IMS bearing (fits 2002-05 M96 engines including some 2000-01)
Dual row IMS bearing (fits 1997-99 M96 engines including some 2000-01)

For all 2000, 2001 and 2005 models please read these important notes:
2000-01 vehicles may need a dual row or single row bearing, so you'll need to inspect the flange to determine which will be needed.

Some later 2005 vehicles have the updated M97 IMS bearing, which is not serviceable without the engine being removed. You will need to inspect the flange on these later models.

For those models that require the flange to be inspected: The IMS hub flange must be removed to determine the bearing that is needed. The dual row bearing is easy to identify as it does not have an external circlip (lock ring) used to retain the bearing. The models which have a single row bearing are identifiable by an external circlip (lock ring).

Engines replaced or vehicles purchased in or after 2006 should have the revised, larger single-row IMS bearing, identifiable by a larger M12mm nut in the center of the IMS hub flange. It is not necessary to replace those bearings.

We recommend professional installation for the IMS bearing.

Make absolutely sure that there is no oil in the tube of the intermediate shaft before mounting the bearing!
The centrifugal force in conjunction with residual oil causes a destructive unbalance!

Tech Tip:
Special tool FVD10590109 to remove an install the bearing.
Renew the IMS bearing when replacing/renewing the clutch or all 100,000 km.
Observe the tightening torques with special tool FVD10590110 :
- Pin M8 torque 12 + 1 Nm
- M6 screws torque 10 + 1 Nm

Tech Tip:
order screws for Flywheel:
6-Speed 8 pc. 99907309202
Tiptronic 8 pc. 99907309101

Package Information

Size: 5.12 x 3.35 x 1.97 inches
Product weight incl. Packing: 1.17 pounds
FID: FVD.105.901.03


996 (98-05)C2 3.4 (98-01)
C4 3.4 (99-01)
C2 3.6 (02-05)
C4 3.6 (02-05)
C4S 3.6 (02-05)
997.1 (05-08)Carrera, 3.6L, 239kW (05-08)
Carrera 4, 3.6L, 239kW (05-08)
Boxster 986 (97-04)2.5 (97-99)
2.7 -02 (00-02)
2.7 03- (03-04)
3.2 -02 (00-02)
3.2 03 - (03-04)
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