FVD Mass Air Flow Meter Performance Kit 911®  1984-89 - Race - + 15 Hp Gain
FVD Mass Air Flow Meter Performance Kit 911®  1984-89 - Race - + 15 Hp Gain
FVD Mass Air Flow Meter Performance Kit 911®  1984-89 - Race - + 15 Hp Gain
FVD Mass Air Flow Meter Performance Kit 911®  1984-89 - Race - + 15 Hp Gain

FVD Mass Air Flow Meter Performance Kit 911® 1984-89 - Race - + 15 Hp Gain

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This kit is one of the best ways to add performance to your 911® race car. We have been selling this kit for the 911® models since 1984 with great success. The kit includes a mass air flow meter, air intake temperature sensor, BMC Race Filter and custom FVD software to operate the kit. Gains in performance can range from + 15 to + 20 Hp depending on which exhaust and catalytics you have on the car. Installation is straightforward, and we provide complete installation instructions and technical support.

Each of our programs is custom-written for each of your vehicle's modifications. We can write custom software for U.S motors, Euro motors, OEM, 200 cell, 100 cell or bypass pipes, sport mufflers, throttle body kits and lightweight flywheels. We can also dial in your octane ratings, so let us know what you are running. Simply give us a list of all the items you would like us to program for and we can deliver! Obviously, more power can be achieved if you have other tuning modifications.

Our software engineers have been trained by Bosch and Siemens in Germany, so you receive their factory expertise in writing software code for Porsche®. They have been writing software for Porsche® since 1983. Most importantly, our software engineers are committed to software tuning for PORSCHE® ONLY, so our sole purpose is to write the most polished Porsche® software available in the industry. All of the OEM engine software safety features are left fully intact and are not disabled. So, you will benefit from the added performance without sacrificing the reliability that the Porsche® brand is renowned for.

The dyno sheet referenced above is from a car with a 100-cell sport cat. The units are measured in metric PS (Hp), the red lines and metric NM (torque), the blue lines. Base power being the dotted line, FVD power being the solid line. Maximum achieved was 250 PS (246 HP) and 305 NM (224 lb. ft) of torque. What is most important is the gains of torque are linear across the entire rev range. As we all know, what is most important to a flat 6 is torque gains in the low and mid-range. That is where this modification delivers, and seat of your pants performance gains are definitely felt.

Models from 1984-1986 that have DME's with part #'s 911.618.111.00 to 911.618.111.11 require the DME to be replaced with the later 911.618.111.12+ DME (now only available as 911.618.111.LX from Porsche). Only DME's from 1986 and up with part numbers 911.618.111.12 to 911.618.111.20 work with this kit.

THIS RACE VERSION IS NOT INTENDED FOR STREET USE. If you install it on a street car you will get very rough idling and power loss in the lower rpms due to heat soak from traffic lights and low speeds. If you are planning to install this on a STREET CAR use our part # FVD11001

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Size: 23.62 x 11.81 x 7.87 inches
Product weight incl. Packing: 3.09 pounds
FID: FVD.110.06


seriesModellCabrioCoupeSpeedsterTargaWithout TÜV
911 (74-89)3.2 (84-89)

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