FVD Exclusive Clutch Kit - 911/ 915 Transmissions 72-86 (430 ft/lbs. max.)

Part #: FVD 116 901
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Hailing from the Baden Württemberg region in Germany, speaking the language and dealing with lead engineers from the OEM and Motor Sport manufacturers for more than 30+ years has many advantages.

Our FVD Exclusive line of Clutch Kits is culmination of Porsche® Genuine Parts, ZF Sachs Race Engineering GmbH Parts and Factory Motorsports Parts that have been developed to work together without compromise. We not only cycle test these kits, we install them on our street cars to test them in the real world. They offer a silky smooth release, superb drivability and can handle more torque (430 ft/lbs. / 560 NM max.) compared to the kits that are “off the shelf” recommendations from OEM suppliers. These kits are perfect for street and track use.

Clutch kit includes:
1 Qty. Clutch Disc
1 Qty. Pressure Plate
1 Qty. Release Bearing
1 Qty. Spline Lubricant

Kit Weighs 13.7 lbs. (6.24 kg)

Product Information

Size: 15.75 x 13.78 x 10.63 inches
Weight: 13.76 pounds
Product weight incl. Packing: 18.08 pounds
FID: FVD.116.901


911 (70-73)911E (70-73)
911TE (72-73)
911TV (72-73)
911TK (73-73)
911S (70-73)
RS (73-73)
911 (74-89)911 2.7 (74-77)
3.0 Carrera (76-77)
SC 3.0 (78-83)
3.2 (84-89)