Front Lip Spoiler 997.1 GT3 CUP (with air ducts)

Part #: FVD 505 997 LIP
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This front lip attaches directly to the 997 GT3 O.E. front bumper and not only gives the car a great look, but better downforce as well!!
Easy instalation (15 min.)

Original (OEM) Front Lip Spoiler

Product Information

Size: 17 x 17 x 12 inches
Weight: 2.01 pounds
Product weight incl. Packing: 5 pounds
FID: FVD.505.997.LIP


997 GT3 (05-)GT3, 3.6L, 305kW (07-09)
GT3 RS, 3.6L, 305kW (07-09)
GT3 Cup 3.6L (05-09)