997 + 997-2  Comfort Cabrio Top Control Unit

997 + 997-2 Comfort Cabrio Top Control Unit

Part #: FVD 561 997 A
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Installation time: about 15 minutes

* Comfortable One-Touch function: A short push on a button operates the roof automatically
* Enables operation of the roof while the vehicle is moving at slow speeds (max 40km/h)
* Adds convenient one-touch if the roof already operates up to 50kmh/30mph by factory default
* No need to stop and pull the handbrake
* Secure speed control mechanism automatically locks the roof against operation at higher speeds
* Allows full operation of the back triangle windows (which are usually locked when the top is open)
* Solves the window problem specific to the post 2003 996. This means, with "Comfort Cabrio Unit", the car can be completely closed - the top will close AND THE WINDOWS, too.

Package Information

Size: 5.51 x 3.15 x 1.57 inches
Product weight incl. Packing: 0.44 pounds
FID: FVD.561.997.A


997.1 (05-08)Carrera, 3.6L, 239kW (05-08)
Carrera S, 3.8L, 261kW (05-08)
Carrera 4, 3.6L, 239kW (05-08)
Carrera 4S, 3.8L, 261kW (05-08)
997.2 (09-12)Carrera, 3.6L, 254kW (09-)
Carrera S, 3.8L, 283kW (09-)
Carrera 4, 3.6L, 254kW (09-)
Carrera 4S, 3.8L, 283kW (09-)
Carrera GTS2, 3.8L, 300kW (10-)
Carrera GTS4, 3.8L, 300kW (12-)
Speedster, 3.8L, 300kW (10-)
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