LED Front Turn Signals for 997.1 (R&L set) 05-08

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LED Turn Signals, Front (set) – for 997.1

These LED lights give your 997.1 the updated 997.2 LED appearance without the expense of replacing the front bumper. They replace the original turn signals/fog light assembly. Very easy to install (Plug and Play) and will fit all 997 Carreras from 2005 to 2008.

1. The LED strips replace the 'city light' or 'parking light' functions and can be used as a daytime running light if you wish. These will come on when you turn the light switch past HOME to either of the ON positions. (Shown in the Bottom Left picture)

2. The LED lights replace the fog lights (so you have to turn on the fog lights on the switch inside the car - these same lights are what lights up in the HOME position to provide the light you use to see while you are getting from the car to your home in the dark). (# 2 and # 1 shown in the Bottom Right)

3. The top LED lights replace the flashing direction indicator and flash orange and come on when you signal direction changes. (# 3 and # 1 shown in Top Left)

Note: Should you want the LED strips to dim when you have the headlights on please be sure to add FVD 631 997 TLED to your order.

Product Information

Size: 19.29 x 10.24 x 7.48 inches
Weight: 3.24 pounds
Product weight incl. Packing: 5.29 pounds
FID: FVD.631.997.03


997 (05-08)Carrera, 3.6L, 239kW (05-08)
Carrera S, 3.8L, 261kW (05-08)
Carrera 4, 3.6L, 239kW (05-08)
Carrera 4S, 3.8L, 261kW (05-08)
997 GT3 (05-)GT3, 3.6L, 305kW (07-09)
GT3 RS, 3.6L, 305kW (07-09)