Tuning Kit - 991.2 Base - 3.0 L - Level 2 - 510 Hp / 450 Tq

Part #: FVD 991 200 012

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+ 140 crank HP & +119 crank TQ gain. All while offering ultra-smooth drivability and reliability that you expect from your Porsche. Our level 2 kit offers the performance of a GTS at an incredible savings.

FVD Brombacher Germany conveniently combines top quality products into kits that offer the widest range of levels and performance. Each kit has been developed to work together without compromise and includes everything necessary for installation.

FVD Level 2 Power Gains:
Max. Power - 375 kW (510 HP) @ 6500rpm
Max. Torque - 610 Nm (450 lb.-ft.) @ 3500rpm
Max. Speed - 315 km/h (195 mph)
Max. RPM - 7800 rpm
Acceleration 0-100 km/h (0-62.5 mph)* - 3.5s

Engine - 6 Cylinder Boxer – Bi-Turbo - 3.0 L
Max. Power -272 kW (370 HP) @ 6500rpm
Max. Torque - 450 Nm (331 lb.-ft.) @ 1700-5000rpm
Max. Speed - 293 km/h (183 mph)
Max. RPM - 7500 rpm
Acceleration 0-100 km/h (0-62.5 mph)* - 4.2s

* Based on Porsche® AG (Germany) stated power. Dyno sheet will be based on 98 (RON) octane which is equivalent to 93 North American ((RON+MON)/2).

Package includes:
BMC Sport Filter – Part # 47090704
FVD Performance Software – Part # FVD99161830MG
New Turbocharger Set

Software installation requires removing and sending the vehicles ECU to our headquarters. Kindly contact us for removal and shipping instructions.

Package Information

FID: FVD.991.200.012


991.2 (16-)C2, 3.0L, 272kW (16-)
C4, 3.0L, 272kW (17-)
T, 3.0L, 272KW (17-)
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