PDK Transmission Software Upgrade - TCU Upgrade

PDK Transmission Software Upgrade - TCU Upgrade

Part #: FVD 991 618 PDK

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Since 1983, FVD-Brombacher has been setting the standard for Porsche engine building and tuning in Germany. Our broad mechanical knowledge of the flat 6 Porsche engine naturally led to our development of Engine Management software, Tiptronic Transmission Software and Hardware and now PDK Transmission Software. This software has been developed to work on all Porsche models from 2009 + with 7 speed, PDK transmissions.

The PDK transmission software upgrade includes 3 stages. You can pick the stage that best suits your needs or a combination based on your driving needs for street, track or a combination of both.

Stage 1*:
- Modification of shifting times (shorter shifting / gear switching times)
- Modification of rocker switch/paddle response time (shorter)
- Suspension or modification of the torque limiter
- Deactivation or modification of compulsory upshift in any mode (manual, normal, sport, sport plus)
- Deactivation of downshift on Kickdown prevented in any mode (manual, normal, sport, sport plus)
- Improved switching characteristics (i.e. no jerking, smooth transition when shifting)
- Modification of speed limit

Stage 2*:
- Modification of shift points – allowing a higher max. rotational speed (Nmax)
- Modification of the clutch pressure (no slipping clutch, especially turbo vehicles)
- Modification of switching operations to individual driving behavior
- Activating Launch Control in all modes (manual, normal, sport, sport plus)

*Additional options for Stage 1 and 2:
- Reprogramming rocker switches
- Reprogramming gear levers (direction +/-)
- Activating Launch Control for vehicles without chrono sport and chrono sport plus

Stage 3:
- Individual programming car characteristics based on any options in Stage 1 and 2
- Customized Tuning of Launch Control

For any of the above modifications, we need the PDK control unit (TCU) for 1-2 business days. In addition, we will need the year of your car, optional modifications you are running, the power increase over stock and if you need street modifications or race modifications. After FVD modifications, the PDK CU must be calibrated with a Porsche® Piwis 2/3 tester.

Package Information

Size: 6.69 x 5.12 x 1.18 inches
Product weight incl. Packing: 0.77 pounds
FID: FVD.991.618.PDK


997.2 (09-12)Carrera, 3.6L, 254kW (09-)
Carrera S, 3.8L, 283kW (09-)
Carrera 4, 3.6L, 254kW (09-)
Carrera 4S, 3.8L, 283kW (09-)
Carrera GTS2, 3.8L, 300kW (10-)
Carrera GTS4, 3.8L, 300kW (12-)
Speedster, 3.8L, 300kW (10-)
997.2 TT/GT2 RS (10-13)Turbo, 3.8L, 368kW (10-)
Turbo S, 3.8L, 390kW (11-)
997 GT3 (05-11)GT3, 3.8L, 320kW (10-)
GT3 RS, 3.8L, 331kW (10-)
GT3 RS, 4L, 368kW (11-)
991.1 (12-16)C2, 3.4L, 257kW (12-16)
C2S, 3.8L, 294kW (12-16)
C4, 3.4L, 257kW (12-16)
C4S, 3.8L, 294kW (12-16)
991.2 (16-)C2, 3.0L, 272kW (16-)
C2S, 3.0L, 309kW (16-)
C4, 3.0L, 272kW (17-)
C4S, 3.0L, 309kW (17-)
991.1 TT (14-16)991 Turbo, 3.8L, 383kW (14-)
991 Turbo S, 3.8L, 412kW (14-)
991.1 GT3 (13-17)991 GT3, 3.8L, 350kW (13-)
991 GT3 RS, 4.0L, 368kW (15-)
991.2 TT (16-)991.2 Turbo, 3.8L, 397kW (16-)
991.2 Turbo S, 3.8L, 427kW (16-)
991.2 GT3 (18-) 991-2 GT3 4,0L 368KW (18-)
991-2 GT3 RS 4,0L 383KW (18-)
Boxster 987-2 (09-12)2.9l, 188 kW (09-12)
3.4l, 228 kW (09-12)
Spyder, 3.4l, 235 kW (11-12)
GTS, 3.4L, 243 kW (14-)
Boxster 981 (13-)2.7L, 195kW (12-16)
S, 3.4L, 232kW (12-16)
GTS, 3.4L, 250 kW (15-)
718 Boxster 982 (17-)2.0L, 220 kW (17-)
CN, 2.0L, 184 kW (17-)
S, 2.5L, 257 kW (17-)
GTS, 2.5L, 269KW (17-)
Cayman-2 (09-12)2.9l, 195 kW (09-12)
3.4l, 235 kW (09-12)
R 3.4l, 243 kW (12-12)
GTS, 3.4L, 250 kW (14-)
Cayman 981 (13-)2.7L, 202kW (13-15)
S, 3.4L, 239kW (13-16)
GTS, 3.4L, 250kW (15-)
718 Cayman 982C (17-)2.0L, 220 kW (17-)
CN, 2.0L, 184 kW (17-)
S, 2.5L, 257 kW (17-)
GTS, 2.5L, 269KW (17-)
Panamera 970 (10-)3.6L, 220kW (11-14)
3.6L, 228kW (15-)
3.6L, PDK, 220kW (11-14)
4, 3.6L, PDK, 220kW (11-)
S, 4.8L, 294kW (10-)
S, 4.8L, PDK, 294kW (10-)
4S, 4.8L, PDK, 294kW (10-)
Turbo, PDK, 4.8L, 368kW (10-)
Turbo S, PDK, 4.8L, 404kW (12-)
Diesel, 3L, 185kW (12-)
GTS 4,PDK, 4.8L, 316kW (13-)
GTS 4,PDK, 4.8L, 324kW (14-)
Hybrid, 3.0L, 245kW (12-)
Hybrid I553, 3.0L, 245kW (12-)
Hybrid C33, 3.0L, 245kW (12-)
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