insoric RealPower "Dyno-System" (Basic)
insoric RealPower "Dyno-System" (Basic)
insoric RealPower "Dyno-System" (Basic)
insoric RealPower "Dyno-System" (Basic)
insoric RealPower "Dyno-System" (Basic)
insoric RealPower "Dyno-System" (Basic)

insoric RealPower "Dyno-System" (Basic)

Part #: INS 721 001
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Real World Performance Measurement Tool that measures Crank Power, Wheel Power and Torque. Basic is limited to 50 Measurements.

The innovative insoric RealPower measurement tool uses a simple sensor based measurement procedure to record performance. Simply attach a sensor to one of your wheels, take a test drive, plug the usb cable in to your computer, insert the cars data and the insoric software displays the performance.

The performance data is displayed simply and understandably without the user needing any special knowledge and the performance is based on real world testing by actually acquiring the data during a test drive. So Tuners, Auto repair shops, Car dealers and individuals can now simply and inexpensively measure the performance of a motor vehicle.

Highlights of the Insoric RealPower “Dyno-System”:
- Crank Power (kW, Hp), Wheel Power(kW, Hp) and Torque (lb. ft, NM) can be measured.
- High precision wheel mounted sensor.
- The wheel mounted sensor is wireless.
- Data can be downloaded and evaluated quickly with the insoric software.
- Special knowledge or specialized personnel are not required.
- Measurements can be carried out easily, anywhere at any time.
- Measurements take place in a real world scenario.
- Developed and standardized with the technical university in Switzerland.
- Swiss Made.

Insoric RealPower Basic includes:
- RealPower “Dyno-System” module with carrying case.
- Double Sided Sensor Tape.
- Sensor Protective cap.
- USB cable.
- USB Stick (license key).
- Quick Step User Guide.
- Quality Certificate / Safety Instructions.

PLEASE NOTE: The Basic System is limited to 50 Power Measurements, however you can purchase another 50 measure ments for $ 495.00 / 365 Euros. The diameter of the wheel must be entered to calculate performance, a simple tape measure may be used but to be completely accurate you can purchase the additional insoric Wheel Caliper INS721007. Atmospheric data can be obtained via the internet but to be more accurate you can also purchase the insoric Barometer/Thermometer INS721004. If you would like to calculate acceleration please purchase the additional insoric RealSpeed unit INS721004.

Package Information

Size: 16.54 x 10.24 x 6.3 inches
Product weight incl. Packing: 1.17 pounds
FID: INS.721.001


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