Brombacher Exhaust System 911 74-83 - Race - Without Heat - 100Cell - Center Exit - Not US SC 80-83

Part #: RES 911 001 0ST
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This system was specifically designed for a backdate to the ST look. It is manufactured for mid-range and top end performance, all without drone inside the cabin.

+ 17 HP & + 18 TQ Gain
- 100 Cell HJS Tri-Metallic Race Catalytics.
-2.5" tubing (63.5 mm) for max. power across the rpm range.*
-T 316 stainless steel for improved durability over T 304.
-“Aeroquip” cone style catalytic connection design to prevent exhaust leaks.
-Includes “Aeroquip” quick release clamps.
-Made in Germany by M&M Exhaust, GmbH.
-Dual Round 2.75” (70 mm) Center Exhaust Tips (30 cm center to center between the tips)
-Intoxicating Flat 6 Growl at idle, partial throttle and wide open throttle. Plenty of gurgling and crackling off throttle. No drone inside the cabin. 98 Db Max.

Requires our installation kit, part # RESMK911001 for 3.2L Models from 1984-89 or part # RESMK911002 for models from 1974-83. Requires an ST style rear center exit valence / bumper / cut out.

M&M Exhaust GmbH produce our entire “Brombacher” exhaust line, basically anything that begins with part # BES or RES. M&M's modus operandi, racing. They are Germany's premier racing manufacturer and have exhaust systems running in these series: Porsche® Super Cup, Carrera Cup Deutschland, ADAC GT Masters, IMSA/WEC, VLN, FIA GT and Rallye Meistershaft. They also produce the current and past RSR, Cup R and Super Cup exhausts for the boys in Weissach. Not one of our competitors can make that same claim.

THE HEADERS are the longest tube headers that M&M make for the 911®. The length directly equates to torque in the mid-range. When you look closely at the pictures of the headers you will see that the primary tubing is segmented and welded. It is not a single tube that is “mandrel bent” in many places. The mandrel bending process stresses and thins the material by bending it around corners. Thinner walls are the weakest point and under high heat and vibration will be the first area to crack. Our primary tubing is segmented and welded under pressure with the use of forming gas. Forming gas pressurizes the area being welded to create a smooth inner surface. This means that material walls in the bend are consistent and strong, ensuring reliability. This process produces extremely durable headers with superior strength that ensures higher gas velocity and less exhaust gas restriction.

The header piping used incorporates a motorsports style merge collector. The collector smooths out exhaust flow and turbulence created from the 3 primary pipes merging into one. This dramatically reduces power robbing turbulence and increases the volume of gas and gas velocity which translates into superior low end and mid-range torque.

THE EXHAUST CONNECTIONS are “AERO QUIP” connections. These “AERO QUIP” connections reduce weight as they only use one bolt and nut versus 3 found on most header / cat flanges. They also keep increase gas volume and gas velocity constant as the tubing diameter is kept consistent.

THE 100 CELL CATALYTICS are made with HJS cores. But we
didn't stop there. They are 100 Cell HJS “HF” (High Flow) Tri-Metallic cats. They are meant for the track and will give you many years of service.

THE MUFFLER is vastly different than the common baffle plated mufflers stuffed with packing material that are common in the aftermarket. Ours are uniquely made with double perforated sound absorption tubes based on the Halbgegenstromprinzip (half counter current principle). The acoustic silencer absorption tubes are made in a trapezoidal pattern and are perforated with varying diameters, which isolate and dampen the unwanted frequencies that create drone. These perforated tubes present much less flow restriction than baffle plates at higher gas velocities, and consequently translates into larger horsepower and torque gains throughout the entire rev range. The resulting sound exhibited is a sonorous, linear-firing-order dominated flat 6 Porsche® sound, which also gurgles and crackles off throttle. It is the closest to a Cup Car sound in nature.

THE EXHAUST TIPS are a dual round 2.75” (70 mm) design that are double walled to dissipate heat. So, they won't tarnish as quickly as single walled tips. The design fits a ST Style factory cut out perfectly.

All of the points made above are far more time consuming to manufacture and add expense to our products. But we choose these methods to ensure maximum horsepower gains throughout a broad power band; all while maintaining reasonable sound levels while cruising and an exotic exhaust note that is purely Porsche®.

*PLEASE NOTE: This will not fit U.S. 3.0 L SC Models from 1980-83. If you have that model and are interested in this system, please contact us directly. This is a Bespoke Exhaust System. It can be custom designed, and the tubing diameters can be adjusted for your cars individual performance. Please provide your FVD Parts Specialist with detailed information on your current Horsepower and Torque, if you are running larger displacement, upgraded camshafts, larger diameter intake, etc. Pricing and part numbers may vary according to your individual needs. This exhaust kit is intended for Race use and is not legal for sale or use on California pollution-controlled motor vehicles.

Package Information

Size: 47.24 x 23.62 x 13.78 inches
Product weight incl. Packing: 77.16 pounds
FID: RES.911.001.0ST


seriesModellCabrioCoupeSpeedsterTargaWithout TÜV
911 (74-89)911 2.7 (74-77)
RS 3.0L (74-74)
RSR 3.0L (74-74)
3.0 Carrera (76-77)
SC 3.0 (78-83) This will not fit U.S. 3.0 L SC Models from 1980-83.
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