Tieferlegungs-Federnsatz 981/981S/982 (TÜV)
Tieferlegungs-Federnsatz 981/981S/982 (TÜV)

Tieferlegungs-Federnsatz 981/981S/982 (TÜV)

Artikel Nr.: 115 981 00
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The H&R VTF Series is a range of adjustable lowering springs that give you the flexibility to dial in the perfect ride height and rake angle. VTF works on all 981 and 718 models with or without Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM).

The kit includes exclusive front axle threaded adapters that allow you to manually adjust the ride height and rake angle. How does that compare to standard lowering springs you ask? A variable rake angle means that you can improve downforce and minimize drag for track use. Perhaps you have a steep driveway entry, this kit gives you the adjustability to compensate. Or maybe you just want the most aggressive stance on a budget, H&R VTF is your answer.

Front lowering range with PASM - .4” to 1.0” (10 – 25 mm)
Rear lowering with PASM - .8” (20 mm)
Front lowering range without PASM - 1.2” to 1.8” (30 – 45 mm)
Rear lowering without PASM – 1.8” (45 mm)
Front axle adjustability
Aggressive appearance
Improved handling characteristics
Lowered center of gravity
Adjustable rake angle
Linear or progressive spring design
Compatible with OE shock absorbers
Powder coated for enhanced appearance and corrosion resistance
Engineered, manufactured and tested in Germany

Please note: Lowering varies by engine size, battery package and model options. The rear springs are non-adjustable. For reference this is H&R part # 23006-1


FID: 115.981.00


ModellreiheModellFahrzeugspezifisches Gutachten (Muss eingetragen werden bei z.B. TÜV oder DEKRA) LinksRechtsVorderachseHinterachse
Boxster 981 (13-)2.7L, 195kW (12-16)
S, 3.4L, 232kW (12-16)
GTS, 3.4L, 250 kW (15-)
Spyder 3.8L, 276 kW (16-16)
718 Boxster 982 (17-)2.0L, 220 kW (17-)
CN, 2.0L, 184 kW (17-)
S, 2.5L, 257 kW (17-)
GTS, 2,5L, 269KW (17-)
Cayman 981 (13-)2.7L, 202kW (13-15)
S, 3.4L, 239kW (13-16)
GTS, 3.4L, 250kW (15-)
718 Cayman 982C (17-)2.0L, 220 kW (17-)
CN, 2.0L, 184 kW (17-)
S, 2.5L, 257 kW (17-)
GTS, 2,5L, 269KW (17-)

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