Sport Headers 991.1 / 991.2 Turbo / S - Brombacher Edition
Sport Headers 991.1 / 991.2 Turbo / S - Brombacher Edition
Sport Headers 991.1 / 991.2 Turbo / S - Brombacher Edition
Sport Headers 991.1 / 991.2 Turbo / S - Brombacher Edition

Sport Headers 991.1 / 991.2 Turbo / S - Brombacher Edition

Part #: BES 991 010 40S
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+ 16 Hp & + 15 torque
- Weighs 11 lbs. (5,3 Kg)
- T 316 stainless steel for improved durability over T 304.
- Includes specially designed expansion joint that resists cracking on cylinders 3 and 4.
- Made in Germany.
- More pronounced spooling sound at idle, partial throttle and wide open throttle.
- ECU programming (Software) is NOT necessary.

“BROMBACHER” EDITION HEADERS are far more necessary on the latest 991 Turbo / S than on past turbos. The latest headers from Porsche® are a very poor design that is very restrictive. They have chosen to focus far more on reliability with the header than on performance. We took the stance of reliability and performance with our latest generation “Brombacher” headers. We base the production of the header off of a double plated flange. This flange dissipates heat and vibration more efficiently and consequently does not warp like thicker single plate flanges commonly used by others. This small advancement is time consuming to make but is added in order to prevent loss of power over time due and will ensure years of trouble free operation even under severe track conditions. When you look closely at the pictures of the FVD header you will see that the primary tubing is segmented and welded. It is not “mandrel bent” like many swear by in the aftermarket industry. Mandrel bent headers have been proven to crack under the severe stresses found on the race track during severe endurance events. The mandrel bending process actually stresses and thins the material by bending it around corners. Thinner walls are the weakest point and under high heat and vibration those areas will be the first area to crack. Our primary tubing is segmented and welded under pressure with the use of forming gas. Forming gas actually pressurizes the area being welded to create a smooth inner surface. This means that material walls in the bend are consistent and strong, ensuring reliability. But we don’t stop there, once the segmenting is completed, a tool is passed inside the header, which will actually grinds away any left-over slag. This process produces extremely durable headers with superior strength that ensures higher gas velocity and less exhaust gas restriction. The header piping incorporates a 2 ¾” motorsports style merge collector (see picture below). The collector smooth’s out exhaust flow and turbulence created from the 3 primary pipes merging into one. Collectors create more velocity, which reduces backpressure and creates torque. Many exhaust manufacturers use “pyramid style” collectors or leave raw open-ended tubes, which create massive amounts of turbulence. Pyramid style collectors do a slightly better job than a raw tube but they still force air towards the flange. Our systems collector gently guides exhaust gases from the walls of the piping towards the center and lowest point of the 2 ¾” tubing. This dramatically reduces power robbing turbulence and increases the volume of gas and gas velocity which translates into superior low end and mid-range torque. We also added an expansion joint for cylinders 3 and 4, as shorter length headers tend to crack on those cylinders. Shorter pipe length does not have room to expand like a longer tube header which causes the cracking. Our double “push-piece” design on cylinders 3 and 4 allows the shorter length header to expand under these conditions and prevents cracking that has always been an issue on cylinders 3 and 4.

THE ENTIRE “BROMBACHER” EXHAUST LINE is manufactured by M&M Exhaust, GmbH in Germany. “Brombacher” exhausts are engineered for the discerning Porsche® owner and offer unmatched performance, unparalleled quality, and incredible value. They are tested comprehensively for flow rate and characteristics, thermal stress, resistance to cracking, and longevity. To further ensure quality, all of our exhaust systems meet the material standards of the German independent testing agency TÜV; whose quality standards are among some of the strictest in the world. All this research, development and testing ensures maximum horsepower gains throughout a broad power band; all while maintaining reasonable sound levels for the street and provide a distinct, sporty exhaust note that is purely Porsche®.

Package Information

Size: 14.17 x 12.6 x 7.48 inches
Product weight incl. Packing: 11.46 pounds
FID: BES.991.010.40S


seriesModellWithout TÜV
991.1 TT (14-16)991 Turbo, 3.8L, 383kW (14-)
991 Turbo S, 3.8L, 412kW (14-)
991.2 TT (16-)991.2 Turbo, 3.8L, 397kW (16-)
991.2 Turbo S, 3.8L, 427kW (16-)

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