• 1983

    Three friends begin to restore their own Porsche®.
  • 1984

    Due to high neighborhood demand, FVD was established in a one bay workshop.
  • 1988

    Street and race cars were built and prepared. Turbocharged cars were tuned to 450HP.
  • 1989

    We outgrow our tiny shop and move into larger facilities in Umkirch. The new Carrera 4 serves as the platform for producing 959 clones utilizing factory parts
  • 1991

    Revolutionary development of motor management systems for mass-air meter cars with more than 50HP gains for 3.2L and 3.6L engines.
  • 1992

    A TUV approval confirms the 300HP kit for C2/4 and RS.
  • 1993

    The FVD RS 3.6 is named the fastest car in a comparison test by "Flat-Six" Magazine. FVD also developed the 3.8L version LBIII; develops international distribution channels and expands once again.
  • 1995

    FVD develops 490HP conversion for Bi-Turbo.
  • 1996

    FVD builds and campaigns 500+HP GT2 racing cars.
    FVD-France is established.
  • 1997

    FVD smashes record for street tuned vehicles - 0 to 100 in under 3.6 seconds.
  • 1997 - 1999

    FVD built GT2 wins multiple championships in German FIA-GT competition.
  • 2000

    Dyno record for the Millennium with over 1,000HP and 1,000 NM torque. FVD's 993 4S Lightweight successfully puts all this power to the ground.
  • 2001

    597HP GT3 debuts in a Sportscar test entitled "A Sheik's Trip".
  • 2002

    FVD Brombacher (Florida) opens.
  • 2003

    FVD worldwide staff climbs to 46 employees.
  • 2004

    Twin Turbo Tuner Shootout FVD Driveability Winner.
  • 2005

    FVD installs a „997 3.8S motor“ into a 1999 Boxter.
  • 2006

    FVD builds the 3.8L Cayman S with 395HP.
  • 2007

    FVD introduces our flash load ECU Software tuning, ushering in a new era of ECU Tuning.
  • 2008

    Due to company growth, FVD North America relocates to larger facility in Deerfield Beach.
  • 2009

    25th Anniversary FVD Germany Presentaiton of FVD B97.2 with 423 HP's based on 997 S Facelift.
  • 2012

    Presentation of FVD GT 4.0L with 500HP based on a 997 GT3 3.8L.
  • 2013

    Presentation of FVD Turbo 4.1L with 700HP based on a 997 Turbo.
  • 2014

    30th Anniversary of FVD Germany.
    Presentation of FVD 996 4.1L with 730HP.
    FVD Swiss wins Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup Championship.
  • 2015

    Presentation of FVD B97-700 TT RS 4.1L with 700HP.
  • 2016

    Presentation FVD B91.1 S (440HP and 500 Nm) - Development 991 aerodynamics spoiler.
  • 2017

    Move in the new warehouse building - triple of storage capacities.