997S  09-  Level 1 (395HP/319LBF FT)
997S  09-  Level 1 (395HP/319LBF FT)
997S  09-  Level 1 (395HP/319LBF FT)
997S  09-  Level 1 (395HP/319LBF FT)
997S  09-  Level 1 (395HP/319LBF FT)

997S 09- Level 1 (395HP/319LBF FT)

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FVD Software Genius Flash Tool and a BMC sport air filter.

Engine - 6 Cylinder Boxer
Capacity - 3800ccm
Compression ratio - 12,5:1
Max. Power - 283kW (385HP) @ 6500rpm
Max. Torque - 420Nm (310lbf ft) @ 4400rpm
Max. Speed - 300km/h (186mph)
Max. RPM - 7500rpm
Acceleration 0-100km/h (0-60mph) - 4.5s

FVD Level 1 Tuning:
Max. Power - 290kW (395HP) @ 6500rpm
Max. Torque - 432Nm (319lbf ft) @ 4500rpm
Max. Speed - 305km/h (190mph)
Max. RPM - 7700rpm
Acceleration 0-100km/h (0-60mph) - 4.4s

For 25 years, FVD-Brombacher has been setting the standard for Porsche® tuning. We always strive for perfection and to be on the forefront of the tuning community. Our latest software for the 2009 and up 997’s with direct fuel injection is no exception. We have programmed the Siemens ECU to extract the maximum horsepower and torque, all while retaining the drivability and most importantly reliability required for your daily driver.

Our Level one tuning package for the newest 997S includes our DME (ECU) tuning software cable as well as a replacement sport air filter. Our tuning package offers a solid gain of 10 crank hp and 9 crank torque for the 3.8L 997 “S”.

FVD Brombacher flash load software:

FVD-Brombacher is ringing in a new era in ECU tuning with our new flash load ECU software upgrade featuring Fast Load ™ technology, making do-it-yourself at home ECU tuning a reality. FVD-Brombacher’s flash load software is a user friendly Windows® based software application that provides the ability to read out and load programmed software directly thru the vehicles OBD II port. Programming is a simple, computer guided experience and requires hardly any user input. FVD-Brombacher supplies the customer with a USB cable which interfaces directly with the vehicles diagnostic port and our companion flash load software program. Read-out of the vehicles ECU takes place with the click of a button thru the vehicle-encrypted cable, which automatically creates and sends a file to a secure server at FVD-Brombacher Headquarters in Germany. Our software programmers then extract the file’s data, tune the software, then modify the program to suit the customer’s individual needs. Customers are able to express individual tuning requirements in a text field at the end of original file read-out before the program is sent to Germany. Here, the customer can input performance upgrades already installed on the vehicle and our programmers can adapt software tuning to extract
maximum performance gains out of existing vehicle modifications. Whether your vehicle is heavily modified or completely stock, FVD-Brombacher will custom tune our programming to suit individual requirements. While we are able to modify a program based on individual needs, FVD-Brombacher tunes Porsche ECUs with the following modifications in mind:

-Increasing throttle response
-Modifying Ignition Timing
-Optimizing Air and fuel ratios
-Removal of the top speed limiter
-Increasing the rev limiter
-Modification of boost mapping on turbo vehicles

All of FVD-Brombacher’s programming is proprietary, developed in house by FVD, for FVD, our partners and you, our customers. After modifications are made to the software, the file is then sent back via email directly to the customer who can then load the program back into the vehicle. The read-out of the original software and loading of the new program takes only minutes and the entire flash load process from start to finish takes under an hour. Customers also have the ability to flash their ECU back to stock anytime using the same cable and software, as the customer is also sent their original, unmodified program file. FVD-Brombacher stands behind all of their products and offers a 14-day money back guarantee on software upgrades. FVD-Brombacher also offers free software program updates should the customer decide to step up their performance and choose one of our level kits. FVD-Brombacher level kits are companion parts designed to work seamlessly in concert with our tuning software to maximize your Porsche’s performance. Contact FVD-Brombacher for further information on our program updates, our money back guarantee or any of our level kit options.

Package Information

Size: 29.53 x 8.66 x 5.51 inches
Product weight incl. Packing: 8.82 pounds
FID: FVD.997.100.61


997.2 (09-12)Carrera S, 3.8L, 283kW (09-)
Carrera 4S, 3.8L, 283kW (09-)
Carrera GTS2, 3.8L, 300kW (10-)
Carrera GTS4, 3.8L, 300kW (12-)
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